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I'm missing a tooth. Are dental implants really that much better than other options?

dental implants de pere | green bayFor most people, dental implants are the best long-term solution for tooth replacement. 

So what makes dental implants better than a bridge or a partial? 

Why Our Patients Love Dental Implants

The main difference is that unlike other options, which only replace the visible portion of your tooth (the crown), a dental implant also replaces the part of the tooth you can't see – the root. On the surface (so to speak), this might not seem like such a big deal, but when you recognize the role of the root in preserving your oral health, you can see why this is so important.

Each part of your mouth works together. Just like the periodontal bone helps to support your teeth and hold them in place, the roots of your teeth actually stimulate your bone to maintain itself. While minerals are being sent to the bone, it can remain healthy and strong. But when you lose a tooth, this process stops. Without the root, your bone will stop maintaining itself, which sets off a cycle of problems. As the bone becomes weaker, other teeth will likely become loose, leading to further lost teeth and multiple oral health problems. In time, bone loss can even change the shape of your face.

A dental implant can prevent this cycle from starting – or halt it in its tracks. 

Tooth Replacement in Green Bay

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