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Digital Makes Dentistry Better

At Fox View Dental, you will probably hear us talk a lot about technology.

From our advanced digital diagnostic equipment to biofeedback systems that deliver non-invasive treatment options, we pride ourselves on bringing the world’s best dentistry innovations to our patients in Green Bay.

Here is a snapshot of the key gadgets you will see and experience during your visits with us:

Top Dental Technology in Green Bay | Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-oral cameras are wireless, pencil-thin, handheld cameras that allow us to capture highly detailed images of a patient’s tooth.

These cameras come standard in every exam room at Fox View Dental, and we use them daily to help educate patients about oral health issues, discuss treatment options, and photo document treatment progress from start to finish.

Top Dental Technology in Green Bay | MLS Laser

MLS Laser

The MLS laser, or “Multi-Wave Locked System,” is a non-invasive dental treatment that uses two synchronized lasers to deliver a targeted beam of photons that stimulate growth and regeneration on a cellular level. It is used to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and help with post-operative sensitivity—particularly in TMJ cases or following other dental surgical procedures.

Treatments usually last about 10 minutes, most patients begin to feel immediate symptom relief, and the benefits are greatly enhanced when it is incorporated as an ongoing therapy in restorative dental treatment plans.

Top Dental Technology in Green Bay | CBCT (3-D) Scanner

CBCT (3-D) Scanner

The Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) Scanner is a highly advanced, digital imaging system that captures 3-D x-ray images, which are then used to create a 3-D model of a patient’s skull. It provides more enhanced diagnostic capabilities than traditional 2-D x-rays, allowing for a more comprehensive review and more accurate diagnosis since it enables dentists to pinpoint the origin of a tooth’s problem.

3-D x-rays play a critical role in the dental implant treatment planning process and in other advanced cases that require a detailed view of the underlying bone, soft tissue, and nerve pathway structures.

Top Dental Technology in Green Bay | Tekscan


Tekscan is another computerized biofeedback device that uses pressure mapping sensors to measure dental occlusions, or the precise timing and bite force at each point of tooth contact. It provides a more detailed analysis of a patient’s bite stability and is especially helpful in pinpointing specific problem spots, determining the proper course of dental treatment, and reducing the chance of future tooth fractures or other complications.

Top Dental Technology in Green Bay | Joint Vibration Technology

Joint Vibration Technology

Joint Vibration Analysis is a noninvasive, biofeedback device that provides real-time, computer-assisted analysis of a patient’s temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Similar to the way an EKG records electrical activity in the heart, JVA records the overall vibrational patterns in the temporomandibular joint then renders the information as a digital graph for review. It is most helpful with diagnosis and treatment planning for TMJ disorders and assessing other restorative dental treatments, such as full mouth rehabilitation, which may possibly involve repositioning of the jaw and bite.

To learn more about the technology and benefits of Joint Vibration Analysis watch this news report below, 

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