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Dr. Chad Yenchesky offers family dentistry to give patients of all ages the excellent care they deserve.

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Finding the right dentist for your family is an important decision. You want someone skilled, caring, and makes you feel comfortable. Dr. Chad Yenchesky at Fox View Dental in De Pere, WI, is a talented dentist with years of experience providing high-quality family dental care.

Dr. Yenchesky takes a gentle, patient-centered approach and gets to know each patient personally. He strives to make every visit as pleasant and pain-free as possible. Patients appreciate his calm demeanor and ability to explain procedures in easy-to-understand terms. He works closely with kids to ensure they have positive experiences at the dentist from an early age.

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What Is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry provides complete dental care for patients of all ages. Our family dentist cares for patients at every stage of life. From children to grandparents, family dentists treat the entire household.

At Fox View Dental, Dr. Chad offers advanced family dentistry to help your smile stay healthy. We’ll become familiar with your dental history and specific needs. Seeing one family dentist is also more convenient than visiting multiple offices — set up back-to-back appointments to get the whole family checked at once!

A family is proud to have cavity-free teeth thanks to tooth-colored fillings and family dentistry

The Benefits of Family Dentistry

There are many advantages to choosing a family dentist like Dr. Yenchesky:

  • Personalized Care: Dr. Yenchesky gets to know each patient individually and caters treatments to your needs.
  • One Trusted Provider: You won’t need to search for a new dentist as your family grows. Stick with Dr. Yenchesky for the long haul.
  • Convenience: Schedule appointments together instead of coordinating visits at different offices.
  • Comprehensive Services: From pediatric to geriatric, Dr. Yenchesky provides a full scope of dental care.
  • Coordination: Dr. Yenchesky works closely with specialists like orthodontists to streamline referrals and treatment plans.
  • Preventive Focus: Ongoing care prevents new issues and maintains oral health.
  • Education: Dr. Yenchesky teaches proper home care and nutrition for lifelong dental health.

Family Dentistry Services at Fox View Dental

Preventive Dentistry

Our preventive family dentistry services aim to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums through proactive care. Regular checkups allow us to look for early signs of decay, infection, or other potential issues. 

With preventive dentistry, we can often address small problems before they escalate into major, expensive issues. Ongoing care is essential for preserving your natural, healthy smile.

Restorative Dentistry

If tooth decay, fracture, infection, or other damage occurs, we offer many restorative treatments to rebuild and restore the form and function of your teeth. With today’s advanced techniques and dental materials, Dr. Yenchesky can successfully save and repair most damaged teeth. Our treatments can restore your ability to eat, smile, and speak confidently.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry emphasizes early oral health care and education to help your child establish a lifetime of healthy dental habits. We recommend bringing your child in for a first exam around age one to spot potential issues and get them comfortable in the dental environment. Our goal is to make every child’s visit an enjoyable learning opportunity while laying the groundwork for excellent lifelong oral health.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer advanced cosmetic treatments to help you achieve the bright, confident smile you’ve always desired. Whether you’re looking for a brighter smile or straighter teeth, we have treatments to help you acheive that goal. With an artistic eye and technical skill, Dr. Chad can showcase your inner confidence with your outer smile.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies, unfortunately, can happen anytime, day or night. At Fox View Dental, our goal is to quickly resolve the immediate dental concern, restore your mouth to health, and prevent long-term consequences. Whether a sudden accident or a worsening tooth condition, we’re ready to provide compassionate emergency dental care when you need it most.

At-Home Family Dentistry Tips from Dr. Yenchesky

Proper oral hygiene and nutrition are key to your family’s dental health between visits. Dr. Yenchesky recommends the following to help your family keep their smiles healthy:

  • Brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Make sure kids brush for at least two minutes each time. Assist them as needed.
  • Floss once daily to remove plaque between teeth that brushing misses. Teach kids proper flossing techniques.
  • Use antibacterial mouthwash to reduce bacteria and freshen your breath. Choose an alcohol-free version for kids.
  • Eat tooth-friendly foods like cheese, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, which help neutralize acids that erode enamel.
  • Limit sugary or acidic drinks and snacks that can lead to cavities, especially before bedtime.
  • Avoid tobacco products that cause oral cancer and gum disease. Talk to your teens about vaping risks.
  • Schedule professional cleanings every six months to keep gum disease at bay.
  • Visit our office immediately if you notice any concerns like tooth pain, swelling, or damage.

Protecting your family’s oral health starts at home. Ask Dr. Yenchesky for more tips on your next visit.

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