We know it’s true: Most people do not like going to the dentist. That’s why we believe it’s so important to create an office space with our patients in mind. We would like to be your Green Bay dentist, and we hope that when you visit us, you will agree that our office was designed to make our patients feel comfortable and welcomed.

An Expansive Waiting Room

Nobody likes to sit in the waiting room—especially when they are anticipating the treatment to follow. Furthermore, we want our patients to be relaxed when they sit in the dental chair! We’ve created a space that is designed to be comfortable and spacious, with light, airy colors and even a cozy fireplace. We don’t expect you to sit in the waiting room for long, but while you are there, you should be able to feel calm and serene.

Private Patient Rooms

When we designed the space for our patient rooms, we kept in mind that most of our patients would appreciate a bit of privacy. With walls and dividers, each patient is ensured a secluded spot that does not expose them to everyone who might be walking by.

A Spacious Office

Our entire building was designed to have plenty of space. A dental office is filled with lots of equipment, from dental chairs to x-ray machines, as well as storage areas and walking areas. Our team members and patients need space to move around comfortably. We want our team members to have the space they need to do their jobs well, and we don’t want our patients ever to feel crowded.

Visit Fox View Dental!

Come and see for yourself just how comfortable and welcoming a dentist office can be. We’d love to be your Green Bay dentist, and we look forward to meeting you. You might find you enjoy those trips to the dentist!