At a certain point, we all notice tiny lines and wrinkles forming around our eyes, on the forehead, and around the mouth. You know that BOTOX® can help relax these signs of aging and help prevent them from worsening, but many professionals offer this service.

You’ve also heard that some dentists in De Pere offer BOTOX injections and wonder if that would be the best choice to get the transformative results you desire.

How BOTOX Smooths Lines and Wrinkles

Once you understand how BOTOX works, it’s easy to see the benefits of choosing a dentist to perform this procedure.

BOTOX® is a neurotoxin that is administered by injection and used to relax specific facial muscles to smooth out existing lines and help new ones from forming. Facial areas commonly targeted with BOTOX are crows’ feet, furrow lines on the forehead, and bunny lines or marionette lines around the mouth.

Why a Dentist Is a Great Choice for BOTOX

Choosing your De Pere dentist to deliver BOTOX injections is an excellent choice for several reasons:

  • As part of their professional training, dentists study the oral and maxillofacial (chin to forehead) area extensively, making them more knowledgeable about this area than many other providers.
  • Dentists also understand how muscle movement affects certain facial expressions. For this reason, they can ensure that they safely inject BOTOX into the specific muscles that control movement and smooth out wrinkles.
  • Dentists learn lots of skills, but one thing they do more than most other healthcare professionals is delivering comfortable injections, whether it is to numb your tooth for dental treatment or administering BOTOX injections.
  • If you suffer from headaches or TMJ pain, your dentist may be able to use BOTOX to provide the pain relief you need.

Learn More about BOTOX in De Pere

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of BOTOX treatment that relaxes stubborn facial lines and wrinkles, please call Dr. Chad Yenchesky at Fox View Dental.

He will be happy to explain the process and benefits of choosing a dentist in De Pere to help you achieve the beautiful, youthful facial appearance you desire.