Are you suffering from a bad case of procrastination when it comes to scheduling regular dental check-ups? Your dentist in the Green Bay area is about to help tip the scales in favor of making that appointment sooner-rather-than-later!

Here are 4 reasons why preventive dentistry can result in less extensive—and less expensive—dental treatments for you and your family!

The Back-Up Brigade: Give yourself a pat on the back if you already brush and floss daily! These actions are keys to removing the thin film of bacterium continuously coating the exterior of your teeth. Such bacteria desperately hope you’ll miss even one spot within a 24-hour period, allowing them to harden and gain the power to bore through enamel or stir up gum infections.

Some angles and nooks-and-crannies within your mouth just about require a contortionist to reach – so is there a chance you’ve missed a spot? An oral health dentist in the Green Bay area can spot signs of dental troubles not discernible to the naked eye! Therein lies the value of regular professional check-ups and cleanings, neatly addressing harmful conditions that can make the difference in preventing future infections, tooth loss, and even warding off certain diseases linked to poor gum health.

Balancing a Bad Bite: Do you clench or grind your teeth? You may say “No” while your subconscious snickers “Yes”. In most cases the extreme forces you subject your teeth to occur in your sleep. A regular dental exam by your dentist in the Green Bay area can reveal premature wear that may just save your teeth and jaw joints!

Put the Flash Back in Your Smile with Your
Dentist in the Green Bay Area

Leveling Molehills before Mountains Emerge: Most serious health issues start with very few perceptible symptoms and may even be painless. Don’t cross-your-fingers and hope bad oral health won’t negatively impact your level of energy, appearance, and social status! Our dentist in the Green Bay area has seen the long-term effects of such an attitude: effects that include cancer, diabetes, premature births, and heart disease. Wouldn’t you rather flatten a problem before it upsets your lifestyle?

Escaping the fear: With children, (and let’s admit, some adults too), preventative dentistry allows them an opportunity to get comfortable with our staff and accustomed to the techniques of our Green Bay area dentist. Should a future problem arise requiring more extensive treatment, it will feel far less traumatic and leave the door open when it comes to seeking proper dental health care in the future.

Preventative Dentistry in Green Bay

Resist minimizing the significance of keeping on top of your oral health situation! Recognize how arranging an appointment with your dentist in the Green Bay area today can put the sass back into your smile!