Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but dentists need dentistry too! I recently underwent a smile design makeover that was performed by a dental colleague.

An Inside Look at Dr. Chad’s Personal Perspective on His Own Smile Design Makeover

I’d like to describe my experience here so that anyone interested can see what the treatment is like from a dentist’s perspective (when they’re the patient). I’ve had my new smile for just over a month and every time I look in the mirror I still can’t believe it’s me.

The result is perfect – beautiful, white and you can’t even tell the veneers aren’t natural teeth. But how did I get to this point?

Why I Chose to Undergo a Smile Design Makeover

There were three main reasons why I decided to seek out a smile makeover:

  • My teeth were getting dark from years of coffee. I wanted a white smile but didn’t want to cut my beloved energizing drink. Veneers ensure I can have both.
  • The experience helps me understand and more effectively communicate with patients who could benefit from a smile makeover. Having gone through the process, my insight is much more accurate.
  • Since dental school, I’ve noticed wear that was slowly breaking down the function of my teeth. This breakdown only gets worse as we age.

I often tell patients that whether your primary interest is ‘look’ (a Hollywood smile) or ‘function’ (repairing worn or broken teeth), you get the benefits of both with a smile makeover. Function and beauty go hand in hand.

An Inside Look at the Smile Design Process

Once I made the decision, I scheduled a planning/diagnostic treatment planning appointment with my dentist. He took photos, x-rays, etc. and comprehensively reviewed my interests. Together, we decided what I needed and wanted improved.

After another consultation, I wore Invisalign for six months to help align my teeth more ideally. Then, it was time for the actual 3.5 to 4-hour preparation appointment, which was held at a dental continuing education course.

My teeth were ‘prepared,’ meaning while I relaxed (the time flew by), my dentist adjusted my teeth to be fitted for veneers. He made temporaries for me – a stand-in until the dental lab creates my final veneers. It was life changing to experience the patient side of this process.

Next (usually about four weeks later), I had an efficient cementation appointment where I worked with my dentist to select the best shade. My permanent restorations were bonded in place and just like that, I had a new smile that absorbed and reflected light like natural teeth.

How a New Smile Has Changed My Life

My smile wasn’t bad before, but now it really pops naturally and makes me look younger. Also, my bite has never felt so centered with equal distribution of forces. This change is noticeable because I have no sore teeth or muscles.

My patients can enjoy the comfort of knowing that I personally have gone through every step of the process that they will experience. I’ve lived it and I’m pleased to say it was amazing!

If you’re interested in a new smile please call and set up a complimentary smile consult today!