When you have problems with your teeth, it can be all-consuming. From having trouble chewing to being embarrassed to smile, problematic teeth can negatively impact all aspects of your life.

There are many restorative dentistry treatments available from your Green Bay dentist FoxView Dental. Dr. Chad Yenchensky is well known throughout the region as a top-notch restorative and cosmetic dentist. Call us today. You don’t have to go through life with teeth that don’t look or function the way they are supposed to.

Here are some of our most popular restorative services.

Crowns and Bridges

If you have missing or damaged teeth, you might need a dental crown or bridge. A dental crown can strengthen a tooth that has been damaged by a large filling or weakened after a root canal. Crowns are also used cosmetically to cap a tooth that has cracked or is stained and resistant to teeth whitening.

A dental bridge is used to fill in the gap left behind by missing teeth. It will give you back your ability to chew as well as protect your healthy teeth from shifting.

Dental Inlays and Onlays

This minimally invasive treatment is sometimes used as an alternative to a dental crown. Dr. Chad works with expert ceramicists to create natural-looking restorations that blend in so seamlessly, they are virtually undetectable.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth are a problem for many reasons. Your ability to chew your favorite healthy foods is compromised. You might find it difficult to speak properly. Your self-confidence takes a hit because of the judgments about you people might make when they notice your missing teeth. Dental implants restore the form and function of your smile, restoring your oral health as well as your self-confidence.

Talk to Dr. Chad about restorative dentistry in Green Bay. With his skills and knowledge, you can have properly functioning teeth that you cannot wait to show the world. Call us today!