Chipping a tooth can be scary. You may worry that it will detract from your smile or cause infection. You may be concerned that it will fracture further.

Luckily, your dentist in De Pere, WI can treat the problem and even restore your tooth so that no one ever knows you had a chip. And there is more than one way to restore a chipped tooth.

Steps to Take for a Chipped Tooth

If you chip your tooth, contact your dentist to schedule an appointment. If the chip is significant and causing you pain, we consider this a dental emergency and will work to treat the situation as soon as possible.

In the meantime, avoid hot or cold foods and beverages. You can also rinse with warm water periodically to keep the area clean. Until you see the dentist, eat softer foods, and avoid chewing with that tooth.

Our Solutions

Your dentist examines the tooth and determines the best course of treatment to restore function and aesthetics.

Options may include:

  • A dental crown—this is a tooth-shaped jacket that fits over the entire tooth. It supports a tooth that may be vulnerable to further fractures.
  • Dental bonding—this is a composite resin that conceals the chip and helps restore function.
  • Dental veneer—this is a thin shield that goes over the front of your tooth. It conceals chips, discoloration, and other tooth flaws.

All of our restorative options are colored to match your smile.

Avoiding Future Tooth Chips

If you play sports, we recommend a mouthguard. If you grind and clench your teeth, we suggest a nightguard.

For a Chipped Tooth in De Pere, WI, Contact Our Dental Office

If you have a chipped tooth, don’t wait to contact a member of our team. We are here to restore your smile and help prevent a tooth infection.