As we hurtle toward the end of 2017, you might not be thinking about your dental benefits. But if you have dental insurance, your benefits likely expire on December 31, and if you haven’t used them, they’ll simply be gone once the new year arrives. Opting not to use benefits you essentially paid for is like throwing money out the window!

Here’s why you should get to your dentist in Green Bay before the end of the year so you can get the most out of those dental benefits.

You May Have Already Met Your Deductible

Depending on the treatment you received during 2017, you might have already met the deductible portion of your dental insurance. If you need any treatment now, this means you won’t need to pay any more toward that amount. This can mean huge savings!

You Won’t Waste Benefits

Preventive care, such as examinations, screenings, cleanings, x-rays, and so forth are usually covered by your dental insurance premiums. If you’ve paid for these things, why not use them? It just makes financial sense to not waste money—as well as to keep up with your oral health.

Your Benefits Will Not Roll Over

Once the new year arrives, your dental benefits—for which you have paid premiums—for 2017 will be gone. It really is akin to throwing your money away.

Your Dental Health Requires Regular Visits to the Dentist

If you still have benefits to use, it’s likely you are overdue for a trip to the dentist. Preventive care is crucial when it comes to maintaining optimal oral health. Preventive care can also mean dealing with problems while they are small and less expensive to treat, saving you even more money.

Don’t Delay; Call Your Green Bay Dentist Today

Give your Green Bay dentist a call to make an appointment so we can ensure you maximize your insurance benefits before the end of the year. We look forward to seeing you!