Is anyone who has lost a tooth an immediate candidate for implant surgery? Dental implants offer Green Bay residents a spectacular alternative to perhaps more traditional methods being used, but are they right for you?

Dentures and bridges serve a useful purpose but fall short on several counts. Unable to replace the lost root system, they merely sit above the surface while tissue and bone beneath begin to “melt away” as a consequence of disuse. This manifests itself by “shrinking” gum ridges that no longer remain flush with the bottom of your bridge, or dentures that won’t stay securely seated.

When the inevitable shrinkage occurs, bacteria or food particles can become trapped beneath the bridge, or denture, and cause infection. Any shifting of a denture can also lead to gum abrasion and great pain.

Dental implants have the advantage of a “root” system (a titanium post that grafts to your jawbone) that continues to stimulate growth, preventing the bone from reabsorbing and therefore gum shrinkage. This dental implant provides a stable solution both beneath and above your tissues surface. As a bonus, it’ll function and appear very much like a natural tooth!

Dental Implants at Your De Pere/ Green Bay Dentist

Are you a candidate for dental implants? Dr. Yenchesky, having returned from his successful completion of the International Institute for Implant and Esthetic Dentistry course, has the skill and technology needed to make this determination. The CBCT provides him with high-quality 3D imaging feedback regarding your bone dimensions, their quality, pathology detection, and so on. This data indicates whether an implant placement in that location is suitable.

Consult with the expert in dental implants for Green Bay area residents, and allow Dr. Yenchesky to assist you in discovering what’s best for maintaining your smile!

Dental implant placement as part of the
International Institute for Implant and
Esthetic Dentistry course

Medical Building – site of the
International Institute for Implant and
Esthetic Dentistry course