If you have swapped out your soda habit to embrace the sparkling water craze, you might think you have nothing to worry about regarding your oral health. In fact, you may have proudly made this announcement the last time you were visiting your dentist in Green Bay.

Certainly, sparkling water, which contains none of the sugar that soda does, is better for your health. But is it good for your teeth?

Is Sparkling Water 100 Percent “Guilt-Free”?

As with most things in life, the key to enjoying sparkling water is to do so in moderation. If you overdrink carbonated beverages, you might experience some bloating and gas.

There is another ingredient in carbonated water that does give one pause for concern: carbonic acid. Over time, carbonic acid has been shown to contribute to tooth decay over time, meaning it can cause cavities and other damage to your teeth. Those carbonated waters that are flavored with citrus can make your teeth susceptible to tooth decay.

The good news, however, is that you would have to drink an awful lot of these beverages to cause adverse problems with your oral health. But it is worth noting that they aren’t completely guiltless beverages.

Nothing Takes the Place of Regular Trips to the Dentist

It’s a great idea to quit drinking soda as a part of your diet, but even if you are now avoiding sugary beverages, you still need to visit your dentist twice each for routine cleanings and examinations. Regularly seeing your Green Bay dentist means that when decay does occur, it can be spotted early when a simple filling will prevent it from growing. Having your teeth cleaned professionally twice each year is also crucial to ensure your gums stay healthy—and you can’t have healthy teeth without healthy gums.

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