According to the NIDCR (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research), approximately 35,000 Americans are diagnosed yearly with oral cancer. Your caring dentist for Green Bayresidents can help you with your fight against this form of largely preventable cancer, affecting any part of the mouth and/or throat.

Research shows that the majority of oral cancers are related to high alcohol consumption as well as all forms of tobacco use, or the combination of the two. Yet approximately 1 in 4 oral cancer patients have no known risk factors. How can dentists such as Dr. Yenchesky and Dr. Maraka from Fox View Dental help? By scheduling regular dental check-ups and teeth cleaning, on an average of twice per year.

This check-up involves an examination of the entire mouth for any signs of trouble, including teeth problems, periodontal (gum) disease, or cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions. Oral cancer often begins inconspicuously, as nothing more than a seemingly harmless sore or a tiny, unnoticed white or red spot within the oral cavity. Left unchecked, this form of cancer can spread quickly, with a less than encouraging survival rate.

Oral Cancer Screenings with your De Pere Dentist

Therefore, early detection by a trained professional is vital in providing the best protection for you as the patient. The oral cancer exam is pain free, quick, and can be conducted during your regularly scheduled check-up. Are you overdue for your next dental examination and teeth cleaning? We encourage you to contact Drs. Yenchesky and Maraka and their team at Fox View Dental today to book an appointment. Your dentist for Green Bay area residents can do more than just provide a dazzling smile. Regular examinations promote happy, healthy, and cancer-free mouths, and can save lives.