Cosmetic dentistry is increasingly popular and especially as more people become aware of the power of a beautiful smile. Most dentists offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatments and knowing the solutions that are carefully customized for each patient’s needs and goals is where the expertise lies. Although you may be focused on how to best improve your appearance, choosing a more experienced cosmetic dentist will ensure you receive a smile that not only looks attractive but which protects and preserves your natural teeth and most importantly is comfortable.

The Importance of Receiving a Beautiful and Functional Smile

Highly experienced cosmetic dentists can design cosmetic and restorative treatments which provide excellent aesthetics while ensuring the patient receives teeth that are comfortable and fully functional, biting together correctly. Functionality is extremely important allowing you to eat and talk comfortably and a good bite protects your natural teeth and your jaw joints (temporomandibular joints).

Choosing an Extraordinary Dentist over the Ordinary

Dr. Chad Yenchesky is no ordinary dentist and is renowned for his friendly, approachable nature and his passionate dedication to dentistry. He is an educator, lecturer and clinical instructor in services which include cosmetic dentistry with the Clinical Mastery Series. Dr. Chad regularly teaches other dentists from across the country in advanced techniques for smile design, which include occlusal (bite) correction. Fox View Dental is equipped with some of the most sophisticated technology that isn’t generally available in your average dental office. This includes a cone beam CT scanner and Joint Vibration Analysis which is a computer-assisted analysis of your jaw joints. Dr. Chad also uses a computerized biofeedback device to analyze a patient’s bite stability. People who have a poor bite are more at risk of tooth fractures and problems with their jaw joints. When you have broken or worn teeth then cosmetic dentistry can be a great option, but only if the problems which caused excessive wear and tear on your teeth are corrected.

How Can Dr. Chad Help You?

When you visit our Fox View Dental office for your initial consultation you will learn more about our Smile Design process. It begins with a friendly conversation during which you’ll discover why Dr. Chad is known as the ‘Green Bay Smile Maker!’ Initially, Dr. Chad will want to talk to you, to get to know you little better and to discover your aims and desires for your smile. Next, he will create a custom plan to help you achieve and even exceed these aims.

Most importantly, Dr. Chad will also assess your dental health, carefully analyzing your teeth, gums and your occlusion (bite). Utilizing all this information, Dr. Chad will use the very latest digital dentistry to custom design your smile transformation which considers your gender, facial features skin tone and even the color of your eyes.  Every minute detail is assessed ensuring you receive a beautiful and healthy smile.

Your smile is unique so why settle for anything less than the best? If you’re ready for your new smile or would like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry contact our office for a free consultation with Dr. Chad Yenchesky today.