Using a butter knife to tighten a screw works…sort of. Dr. Yenchesky, a qualified implant dentist for Green Bay and area, doesn’t believe in “sort of” though when it comes to dentistry. He only invests in the best, the best education and the best that technology has to offer. Why?

Your time is precious. You don’t want the extra hassle of referrals and consults with multiple doctors all in an effort to coordinate your dental implant surgery. Today though, this is the situation in the majority of dental clinics. In order to qualify to do actual implant placement surgery, a dentist is required to commit to a labor-intensive, hands-on, continuing education course that takes place over the better part of a year and demands hundreds of man-hours. Dr. Yenchesky has taken just such a course, making him fully qualified to perform not just the initial consult and final restoration, but the actual surgery as well. He’ll be with you from beginning to end. Is that not a comfort?

Dental Implants in De Pere

Taking the guesswork out of the precise placement for your dental implant, Dr. Yenchesky is committed to utilizing the most advanced technology, the CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography). This tool allows a 3D view of the potential implant site and provides essential data that will help determine the course of your implant procedure, such as your bone density and quality.

Embrace the best and look no further than Dr. Yenchesky, your implant dentist for Green Bay area! Arrange for your consult today!