Has it been a while since you’ve been to the dentist for a routine examination and cleaning? Is it because you are anxious about seeing the dentist? People often put off dental care because they are too stressed to pick up the phone and make the appointment, let alone actually coming into the office.

We are here to tell you that you are not alone. Plenty of our patients suffer from dental anxiety—and would prefer to do almost anything rather than walk through our doors. At FoxView Dental, we specialize in calming anxious patients, and Dr. Chad is pleased to offer sedation dentistry to his patients in Green Bay.

Why It Doesn’t Pay to Put Off Oral Care

Did you know that most dental emergencies are a result of people skipping appointments for routine dental care? When you don’t come in twice each year for an examination and cleaning, small problems go undetected. Problems with your teeth that are not fixed tend to grow into bigger, often more painful and more expensive problems.

For instance, when you come in for a routine checkup, your dentist will spot a tiny cavity, fill it, and send you on your way. But when you skip that checkup, putting months or even years since your last appointment, a tiny cavity turns into a big one. You may still not notice a larger cavity until it turns into a full-blown infection in your tooth root that is excruciating. Now you have no choice but to call the dentist—and you might be looking at a more invasive treatment such as a root canal.

Call Us to Make an Appointment

Don’t let small problems turn into big ones when it comes to your oral health. Don’t let anxiety keep you from getting the dental care you need. With sedation dentistry in Green Bay, we can assure you that your time in the dental chair will be pleasant. Let us set you on the path to good oral health. Give us a call today!