It is exciting to be able to offer good news to patients in Green Bay and De Pere who want dental care that, going beyond merely average, sets the benchmark for what modern dentistry should be. Dr. Chad Yenchesky, of Fox View Dental in De Pere WI, was privileged to be invited as an industry thought leader for a 2-day event in Amherst, NY at a top cosmetic dental manufacturer, Ivoclar Vivadent. The event gave an elite panel of three doctors, including Dr. Yenchesky, the opportunity to review clinical research, participate in hands-on experimentation, and offer feedback. The doctors were also able to spend time in the Invoclar Applied Sciences Laboratory performing clinical testing with three well-known material scientists and researchers.

Already serving as a key opinion leader with Gold Dust Dental Laboratory, who co-hosted the event, Dr. Yenchesky relishes the chance to improve his craft and, indeed, dentistry itself. Meeting with Ivoclar Vivident, a major global player in dental materials and equipment, headquartered in New York and Germany, is both a privilege and a responsibility, one that the doctor takes seriously. It is this kind of educational experience that assists Dr. Yenchesky in his mandate to train and lecture other dentists in the continually advancing procedures of modern dentistry.

Fox View Dental in De Pere

The upside for his patients is the assurance that when you come into Fox View Dental you are dealing with a doctor who is not only an outstanding dentist but a thought leader and resource among his peers. Best of all, you know you are getting nothing but the best of what modern dentistry has to offer. We think that’s pretty good news for De Pere dental care patients. We knew you’d think so too.