If your sleep partner’s snoring is keeping you awake at night, there is a possibility he or she suffers from sleep apnea. This is a chronic condition in which the airway collapses or gets blocked while a person sleeps, stopping them from breathing.

Keeping you awake is just one problem; sleep apnea also puts sufferers at risk of strokes, heart conditions, and other health problems. You can talk to your Green Bay, WI dentist about sleep apnea solutions if you are noticing these five signs of sleep apnea.

#1—Loud Snoring

As mentioned, if your partner’s snoring is so severe that it is keeping you up, this could be a sign of sleep apnea—particularly if the snoring is chronic.

#2—Waking Up with Gasping and Choking

This symptom can be a real source of anxiety for people, and it should be because it means they are not getting enough oxygen. As you can imagine, there can be long-term adverse effects from this.

#3—Headaches and Excessive Fatigue During the Day

If your partner is waking up with a headache and is tired throughout the day in spite of spending seven or eight hours in bed each night, this could mean sleep apnea is preventing a restful night of sleep.

#4—A Sore Jaw and Sensitive Teeth

Some people grind their teeth at night, and this may or may not signal a problem with sleep apnea. It can if the sufferer is straining the jaw muscles to get enough air. Teeth grinding is detrimental to overall oral health, so it indicates that a trip to the dentist is in order.

#5—Waking Up Very Thirsty

Often people who have sleep apnea sleep with their mouths open to help them get enough air, so they wake up with excessive thirst.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Green Bay

If you notice these symptoms in your sleep partner, it’s essential that he or she seeks treatment immediately. A trip to your Green Bay, WI dentist can help determine if further studies are needed to identify sleep apnea. Often a sleep study is recommended before treatment can be obtained.