The caring team at Fox View Dental wants every patient to feel relaxed while under our care. That means curbing your anxiety and providing you with the gentlest dentistry around.

Besides our relaxing atmosphere and compassionate staff, we offer sedation dentistry near Green Bay, WI if you need a little extra encouragement.

Let’s look at a few ways to curb your dental anxiety and help you get the treatments you need.

#1 Talk to Your De Pere, WI Dentist

Sometimes talking about your treatment decreases your anxiety. It could be that you’re nervous about the procedure and may feel more at ease if your dentist describes the treatment steps in advance. But, again, knowing what to expect could be the solution.

#2 Tell Us How We Can Help

Let one of our compassionate team members or your dentist know if we can do anything to help you feel more comfortable. For example, it could be that you’d like to listen to specific music during treatment, or maybe you’d like to devise a hand signal if you’re feeling stressed and in need of a short break.

#3 Consider Sedation Dentistry

We offer oral conscious sedation in our dental office. This is a pill you take before treatment, and it allows you a stress-free dental experience. In fact, you may not recall some of your appointment. Sedation dentistry means you’ll need transportation and should not make any important decisions on treatment day.

If you decide on sedation dentistry, it’s important to let your dentist know in advance. We typically take a health history if we do not have one on file, and we always monitor you closely throughout treatment. Sedation dentistry is also inexpensive.

For More Information About Sedation Dentistry Near Me, Contact Us

If you want more information about our sedation dentistry and tips for curbing dental anxiety, reach out to a team member today.