News travels fast in today’s digitally connected world, and that includes good information along with the bad. The dental industry is not immune to the spread of misinformation.

If you hear something that you are not sure is a dental myth or not, be sure to ask your De Pere top dentist, Dr. Chad Yenchensky. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the more popular myths we are debunking in this article.

Charcoal Toothpaste

If you spend any time on the computer, you are probably familiar with “clickbait” images that try to get you to click on a particular article. A popular image is one of a person with blackened teeth, which they are ostensibly whitening with charcoal.

Charcoal is nothing new to the dental profession. It was used for cleaning teeth dating all the way back to the Romans. If you can overlook the flavor, charcoal is an abrasive substance that is cheap and accessible, so it’s no surprise that is it regaining popularity. Many people are also lured in because it is touted as a “natural” product.

Because it is abrasive, it probably can whiten teeth. But the problem with charcoal is that it can cause the enamel to thin, making teeth look even yellower as more dentin—which is below the surface of the tooth—becomes visible.

Oil Pulling

Another example of “everything old becomes new again,” the use of coconut oil to treat oral health dates back a number of centuries. Supposedly, if coconut oil is swished around the mouth for up to 20 minutes, plaque-forming bacteria is killed. This is supposed to aid in gum health and prevent dental caries.

Although there doesn’t seem to be any harm caused by gargling with coconut oil, the American Dental Association does not recommend oil pulling as a hygiene habit with any benefits.

Ask Your Green Bay Dentist

Don’t be swept up with the latest dental health craze. Nothing beats regular examinations and cleanings with your dentist. To make an appointment with a top dentist in De Pere, call Dr. Chad Yenchensky at FoxView Dental.