Nail-biting is a nasty habit, and some studies estimate that as many as 30 percent of Americans are nail-biters. Although nail-biting wreaks havoc on your manicure, the truth is that it is even harder on your oral health. Dr. Chad Yenchensky, your dentist in Green Bay, wants patients to know that there are serious ramifications from this habit, so it’s crucial that you try to break it.

The Facts About Nail-Biting

Here are some of the oral issues caused by nail-biting:

  • Those who bite their nails risk cracking, chipping, and wearing down their front teeth from the continued stress of biting.
  • People who bite their nails and wear braces are at an increased risk of shortening their tooth roots—and even tooth loss—given that brackets and wires already put pressure on the teeth.
  • Studies have shown that people who bite their nails are more likely to grind or clench their teeth (a condition known as bruxism). This can lead to teeth that are worn down and sensitive.
  • Nail-biting can damage tender gum tissue.
  • Because bacteria can lurk beneath the nails, putting them in your mouth can spread the bacteria to the rest of your body.

Tips to Stop Nail-Biting

Some patients have found success in wearing a mouthguard to help stop nail biting and to prevent further damage to their teeth.

Other methods include painting the fingernails with a foul-tasting polish, wearing gloves, or putting stickers on the nails. All of these will remind people not to bite their nails, which is primarily a subconscious habit.

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