You might think that all your dentist is looking for when conducting an examination is cavities and gum disease. But there is plenty to see about your health when your Green Bay family dentist takes a peek into your mouth. Your dentist can see signs of disease—as well as some of your bad habits.

You Don’t Floss Regularly

Perhaps you frantically searched for the dental floss right before your dental appointment, but if you are not a regular flosser, your dentist will be able to tell. It will show in your gums: Healthy gums are firm and pink; unhealthy gums might bleed or look damaged from an overzealous attempt at flossing right before you came in.

You Bite Your Nails

Even if your hands are hidden beneath a dental bib, chances are your dentist will be able to see signs of nail-biting on your teeth. Nail-biting is a bad habit that wreaks havoc on teeth, causing chips, cracks, and abnormal wear and tear.

You Used to Suck Your Thumb

Kids who break the thumb-sucking habit before the age of seven will usually have no residual signs of the habit. But if you continued to suck your thumb beyond that point, there will be visible changes to your bite and the position of your teeth.

You Have an Eating Disorder

Bulimia, in particular, is very evident in the mouth, and it is often the dentist who is the first to ask about it. Erosion from frequent vomiting wears on the teeth in a distinct pattern that your dentist will be able to spot.

You Have a Sinus Infection

Sometimes people mistake the pain from a sinus infection as a toothache, so they call the dentist thinking they need a root canal. People might feel pressure on the floor of the sinuses, which is very near the tooth roots of the top teeth. If you bend over to touch your toes and feel an increase in pressure, it’s likely you have a sinus infection rather than a tooth infection.

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