When most people make an appointment with their dentist, they do so for their biannual checkup and cleaning. But now it’s becoming more and more common to make an appointment for a touch-up BOTOX® treatment to reduce wrinkles and laugh lines.

Given the training dentists receive in school and the focus on oral and facial structure, it makes sense that dentists would provide patients with BOTOX® treatment. Here are some reasons you should take advantage of Dr. Chad Yenchensky’s training to get your BOTOX® treatment at our Green Bay, WI dental clinic.

Maintenance Schedule

Most BOTOX® treatments last for about six months. Since you are already visiting the dentist every six months for routine examinations and teeth cleaning, it is easy to schedule your BOTOX® touchup at the same time. Spending just a few extra minutes with us can mean months of younger looking skin.


You already trust Dr. Chad to take good care of your oral health, so you likely know firsthand that he is an expert at using a needle—even on nervous adults and squirming children. When you go to a spa for BOTOX® treatment, you may not know who you will have using a needle on you.


If you want to be discreet about your cosmetic treatments, no one will be any the wiser since you are “just” going to the dentist!


Not only is BOTOX® treatment safe—especially when you consider the costs of cosmetic surgery—but it is relatively affordable. The dramatic change to your appearance is well worth the investment when you consider what a confidence-booster it can be.

Call FoxView Dental to Learn More about BOTOX®

Why not leave your next dental appointment with a clean mouth as well as younger-looking skin? If you have questions about BOTOX®, any of the staff at our Green Bay, WI clinic will be happy to answer your questions. Give us a call today to make an appointment!